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A journey into Prince William Sound. View the majestic alpine and tidewater glaciers in College Fjord and Blackstone Bay. Travel in luxurious comfort aboard the M/V Klondike Express,the fastest catamarans in Alaska.
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Some of Skagway’s newest sled dogs come aboard with Puppies in the Piazza. Snap a picture with these loveable canines and meet their dog handlers.
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A Ketchikan back country trip that combines the best of both worlds, the Backcountry Jeep and Canoe Safari explores the Tongass National Forest by land and water.
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Totem carving is more of a living art form at Saxman Totem Park, three miles south of Ketchikan.
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The 5 best Waterfalls in Alaska:Brooks Falls. Katmai National Park and Preserve, Nugget Falls. Juneau , Russian River Falls. Cooper Landing, Thunderbird Falls. Anchorage.
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Take a short Floatplane Flight from Ketchikan, Fly in the Morning, Fish in the Afternoon. Catch Wild King and Silver Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, Black Bass, and More<
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Experience Ketchikan Alaska on foot for free! The Ketchikan Historic Society produces a Free Ketchikan Walking Tour Map that lists a total of 64 points of interest<
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Katmai is a great place for bear viewing and many tours guarantee that you will see bears and other wildlife in Alaska.
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Experience a rail adventure of the gold-rush era, board a narrow-gauge railroad from Skagway into the heart of the Yukon.
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Rangers discuss the breathtaking grandeur of Alaska’s Glaciers, as well as Denali National Park and Preserve, a 6 million acre park that is also home of North America’s tallest peak—Denali.
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When viewing a glacier, two things come to mind: blue ice, and the crashing sound of ice calving into the frigid waters.
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Cruisetours includes deluxe motorcoach travel, baggage handling to and from your lodge, overnight(s) at lodge and rail travel back to Anchorage or Fairbanks.
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The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show reflects upon southeast Alaska’s rich logging history and comes to life with thrilling displays of strength and agility.
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At the 200-acre Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, see Alaskan wildlife up close.
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Alaska Glaciers and Wildlife - Spectacular Action Packed Flightseeing Tour.
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A Glacier National Park helicopter tour is the perfect way to see the whole park.
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Panning For Gold in Alaska
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National Wildlife Refuge where you often spot bear and moose from your raft.
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Alaska's Big 5 : Moose, Caribou, Dall sheep, Wolves, and the grizzly bear.
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Totem Poles of Alaska

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May to September 2021 Alaska Cruise Vacations

Alaska Cruises & Alaskan Land Tours: ✪ Juneau | ✪ Ketchikan | ✪ Skagway |✪ Glacier Bay National Park | ✪  Anchorage | ✪ Fairbanks | ✪ Talkeetna | ✪ Denali National Park | ✪ Princess Direct To The Wilderness Rail | ✪ Princess Wilderness Lodges



 Alaska Fjords & Wildlife - Taking Flight in Alaska







Take an adventure to the last frontier in Alaska.
Experience the Misty Fjords on this exhilarating 65-minute small-group tour on a DeHavilland Beaver or DeHavilland Otter floatplane. The Misty Fjords National Monument is home to some of the most dramatic scenery in Alaska, and only by air will you be able to fully appreciate the dramatic beauty of land, slowly crafted by the hands of nature over tens of thousands of years.


Taking Flight in Alaska
When the timber industry left Ketchikan, the bush pilots that supplied its remote camps faced an uncertain future. Fortunately, the untamed wilderness of nearby Misty Fjords National Monument proved just as irresistible to Alaska’s visitors. Soar over twisting channels, granite peaks and swaths of impenetrable rain forest in this short video featuring pilot Chuck Perkins. Then start planning your own aerial adventure through these glacially-carved fjords... or grab your photo gear and witness Alaska wildlife at it's finest on Prince Edward Island

Alaska Bound
Our roots in Alaska run deep, and today we share our 20+ years of service to Alaska bound travelers. Our long history working with the state's top travel suppliers has given our guests award-winning Alaska experiences, and a view of the Great Land that few ever see.

Learn more about our 2021 Alaska Cruises and Land+Sea Vacations

Photo's courtesy Princess Cruises


Alaska Marine Life

Humpback Whales
In the summer, Alaska's waters are filled with more than 2,000 humpback whales that feed throughout Prince William Sound, Glacier Bay National Park and much of the Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska. Humpbacks are the most well-known — and sought-after — of Alaska's wildlife, with their massive 35-ton bodies gliding effortlessly through the waters feeding on thousands of pounds of small fish.

Orca Whales

Contrary to their name, killer whales, also known as orcas, are members of the dolphin family. They are the largest, fastest and most powerful members of their kind. Not to mention, orcas are some of the most crowd-pleasing animals on an Alaska cruise. They receive the name "killer whale" due to their impressive hunting abilities, putting them at the top of Alaska's wildlife food chain.

Harbor Seals

Often seen lounging on the ice floes and bouncing on their bellies, harbor seals are one of the most famous Alaska animals. While not as limber on land, they make up for it with grace and speed in the water. In the summertime, almost two thousand harbor seals gather to hunt for fish, mate and raise their pups.

Sea Lions

With strong front flippers and flexible rear flippers, sea lions can move their 600-2000-pound bodies faster than you’d imagine. Much like seals, their speed and maneuverability in the water are undeniably impressive, with the ability to dive more than 1,000 feet and hold their breath for over 15 minutes. Visitors can see and hear these adorable animals in Alaska during the summer as they gather to hunt and mate.

Sea Otters

After near extinction, the sea otter remains one of the most recognized creatures of the ocean. You can often find these Alaska animals diving for shellfish or floating on their backs to eat. With up to one million hairs per inch — the most of any mammal — sea otters are comfortable in any climate. Look out for otters with lighter-colored fur around their faces. The lighter the color, the older the otter.


Salmon are the lifeblood of Alaska's ecosystem. Their annual return to the sea fills the rivers and feeds Alaska's animals, like bears and wolves. The local fishing industry relies on the plentiful harvest of salmon to provide for their economy and citizens. As world-famous celebrities, the native King Salmon attract locals and visitors to relish in what many call the best-tasting of their kind.


Alaska Animals on Land


Alaska's wildlife includes both brown bears — often known as grizzlies — and black bears. Between the coastline, forests and hunting grounds, there is evidence of bears everywhere. Look for tracks across the beaches or trees rubbed clean of their bark. If you're lucky, you might even see bears themselves wandering the landscape in search of their next meal.


Standing at over six feet tall and weighing nearly as much as an automobile, moose are the largest of Alaska’s wildlife. Often found wandering the forests in search of fresh willow shoots, moose are solitary creatures that travel far and wide looking for nourishment. This frequently leads them into urban areas, along roads and in the path of everyday Alaskans, who have learned to live peacefully alongside them.


With both males and females being able to grow horns, herds of migrating caribou are a dramatic sight among the wildlife in Alaska. Most recognize caribou by another name — reindeer. But, in North America, that name is only given to domesticated caribou found across Alaska. Keep your eyes peeled for herds in search of food and their favorite calving grounds

Mountain Goats

Covered in thick white fur, mountain goats live along the rocky cliffsides and mountain slopes of Alaska’s southern coastal region. Similar in appearance to Dall sheep, mountain goats can be easily distinguished by their black horns and thick fur as well as their ability to scale sheer cliffs at nearly a full run. Keep a lookout for these animals on your Alaska cruise.

Dall Sheep

Large curved horns, white fur and a stout body give Dall sheep the distinctive look of one of the toughest Alaska animals. Many recognize the dramatic clashes between males as they run full speed and crash their horned heads together. Yet, Dall sheep are rather peaceful animals. They live in the dry interior regions and wander mountainous areas in Kenai, Denali and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

Wolves roam much of the Great Land, traveling in small packs as they hunt for their favorite Alaska wildlife — caribou, moose and Dall sheep. While not typically seen in urban areas, wolves can be heard calling to each other from the distance. At up to three feet tall and over 100 pounds, these canines are slightly larger than your dog at home, and often work together to bring down moose that weigh over 1,000 pounds.


Alaska Birds

Bald Eagles

Arguably the most iconic bird in North America, the bald eagle lives throughout Alaska, Canada, the United States and northern Mexico. Alaska once held almost the entire population of the species when it was seriously endangered. Thanks to conservation efforts, bald eagles are now flourishing. Look for possible sightings of these Alaska animals along the coast and near rivers teeming with fish.


Puffins — both horned and tufted — live along the waters of Alaska, bringing their colorful plumage to the skies and sea. You can differentiate between the two by looking at their facial features. Tufted puffins have yellow feathers just above their eyes while horned puffins have black "horns" beneath them. While the tufted species is heavier than the horned, both Alaska animals are similar in size and wingspan.


Willow Ptarmigan

The willow ptarmigan is the official state bird of Alaska and can be found in sparsely timbered or treeless areas. While visiting Denali National Park, you’re likely to see families of willow ptarmigan at streams along the length of the park road. This unique Alaska animal often changes with the season – donning a brown coat in the summer and a bright white fleece in the winter to hide from predators.


This is our Alaska. The Whales, Wonders and Wildlife of it all. Let us share it with you."

Our Recommended Cruise Line to take to Alaska
There’s a reason why Princess is a 15-time winner of “Best Cruise Line in Alaska” by Travel Weekly. With so many opportunities to choose from, any of their Alaska cruises will ignite your love of adventure and leave you coming back for more.

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